Choosing the Right Types of Hammocks for Your Next Big Adventure (or Staycation)

Choosing the Right Types of Hammocks for Your Next Big Adventure (or Staycation) - Nestopia

Blog written by Wise Owl Outfitters.

You may think hammocks are just a piece of fabric tied between two cartoonish palm trees. Well, listen up: YOU’RE WRONG. They’re so much more than that. There are big hammocks. Small hammocks. Summer hammocks. Fall hammocks. I’ll stop there at the risk of sounding like Dr. Suess, but you get the idea.

With all of the options out there, picking the best types of hammocks out there is more difficult than one might think. Looking for an indoor hammock? Try a hammock chair. What about one for the kids? Are you camping? If so, you’ll need a camping hammock.

See what I mean? How are we supposed to figure this all out on our own? Worry not, because we here at Wise Owl have figured it out for you!

This blog is going to give you the ins and outs of hammock buying - the correct type for the activity you’re doing, what size would be best for you, what fabrics to look out for, and the accessories (hammock straps, underquilts, covers, etc.) you’ll need for a top tier hammock experience...the whole thing!

Let’s sit back, relax, and start rocking, shall we?

How Do I Know What Size Hammock to Get?

With unlimited choices comes unlimited confusion - and hammock sizing can be the most confusing of all. If you get a hammock that’s too long or your space, your butt will hit the floor. If it’s too short, it won’t give you enough room to lay in comfortably. Here are the steps to take to figure out what size you’ll need for your hanging hammock:

Find your height.

  • Standard hammocks range from 7 to 12 ft, generally. Those of us on the taller side (over 6 ft) will need a hammock that is at least 10 feet long, so you can lay diagonally comfortably. If you’re under 6 feet and an adult, anything between 9 and 10 ft should be fine.

Figure out how long you’ll be using it.

  • Will you be using your hammock as a portable hammock to take with you on outdoor adventures, or just a place to chill in the backyard? Some types of hammocks are built for both, some are not. If you’re planning on sleeping in your hammock, make sure it is over 10 ft to offer maximum comfortability.

See if you’ll be sharing it with others.

  • If you’re looking for a way to relax with your significant other, you may find that a single hammock won’t do. Try out a wide double hammock for extra space, extra comfort, and extra fun!

Do Hammocks Have a Weight Limit?

Yes, and the limit depends on the types of hammocks you have. Most hammocks can hold about 300 lbs, give or take. Hammock chairs tend to have slightly smaller limits, and generally can hold about 250 lbs.

Wise Owl hammocks, on the other hand, have much higher weight limit averages! All of these camping hammocks can hold up to 500 lbs without any tearing, stretching, or breaking.

Wise Owl hammock chairs can hold up to 400 lbs easily, almost twice as much as its competitors - and at only 5.5 lbs, nonetheless!

Now that we’ve gone through size and weight, let’s get to business. What are the most important things to think about when choosing a hammock?

Here’s what:

How Do I Choose The Right Hammock for Me?

Types of Fabric

What you need for outdoor hammocks: Nylon. Most types of hammocks are made of nylon, as it’s hard to break, easy to carry, and are great against harsh weather. Wise Owl hammocks are made from 210T Parachute nylon, making them ideal for travel and outdoor adventure.

What you need for indoor hammocks: Cloth. Indoor hammocks need to be comfortable more than anything, which is why getting one with cloth or woven fabric is a must! Most hammock chairs (including ours) are made of soft-yet-durable cloth.

Hammock Weight

Here’s an important question: Will you be traveling with your hammock, or is it stationary? This should help you figure out how heavy your hammock can be. Backpacking hammocks are almost always extremely light, so as to make hiking with them easier. Camping, patio, and hangout hammocks tend to be a little heavier, as they rely more on durability and comfort.

Types of Hammocks to Choose From

Time for the meat of the blog! What type of hammock is right for you? Well, as we’ve (kind of) hashed out, it depends on what you plan to do with it. We’ve laid out a handy guide here:

For Solo Snoozing - A Single Hammock

  • These kinds of hammocks are perfect for someone looking for some relaxing time alone at the house, or a solo camp trip! This one is a packable hammock that is specifically designed for outdoor use - it has triple interlocked stitching, the fabric is soft and machine washable, and it’s super easy to set up! It also comes with a carrying bag for no-hassle hiking. The perfect package for a 1 person party!

For 2-Person Tension Taming - A Double Hammock

  • Don’t get caught trying to cram 2 people in a hammock built for 1. Double hammocks are the perfect solution for a perfect multi-person hang! The hammock weight limit on this one is about 500 lbs, which is enough to hold 2 average-sized adults (and then some)! It also comes with hammock straps that are guaranteed not to give out on you, so you can relax without the worry. Take this hammock with you on an outdoor adventure (or a relaxing day in) for 2!

For Bonafide Backpackers - An Ultra-Light Hammock

  • Any seasoned hiker knows that the weight of your camping supplies can take any backpacking trip from mindblowing to miserable. It’s pivotal that you carry everything you need, but only what you need. That’s why this FeatherLite hammock is the perfect choice for long distance hikers and backpackers alike. It’s warm, breathable, and won’t weigh you down. It can hold up to 400 lbs, all while being a super light 19 oz (straps and carabiners included).

For Tiny Travelers-in-Training - A Kids Hammock

  • While most children can fit into most types of hammocks, we feel that nothing gives your kiddo more of a sense of outdoor adventure and independence than having their own hammock! This kids hammock swing includes everything an adult hammock includes, all while being tailored specifically to a child’s size. You can take this outdoors on your next family camping trip, or hang it up inside as an extra fun indoor swing!

For Laid-Back Loungers - A Sling Seat

  • Sling seats are built to be calming and comfortable. This kind of hammock is for anyone who could use a little more down time and relaxation in their life, all while helping their back, neck, and posture. This hammock seat comes with built-in cushions at the legs and neck, so you can relax in total comfort (also, it comes with a matching bag and straps). Like the ones above, it’s perfect as an outdoor camping or yard seat, or a fun indoor spot to chill out.

For Indoor Idling - A Hammock Chair

  • Form meets function with this ultra-stylish seat! This indoor hammock chair is made from a sturdy beige cotton canvas that is sure to match the decor of any house. With 12 hanging ropes on each side (and built in foam pillows for your neck and posterior), you’ll feel secure, safe, and soothed. Moreover, indoor hammock chairs like these are a great way to supply an extra seat without taking up too much space in the house. Whether you need it in your living room, on your patio, or even in a bedroom, this chair is perfect.

Hammock Accessories You’ll Need

Now that you’ve picked out the type of hammock that’ll suit your hanging needs, let’s get to the specifics. What kind of accessories will you need? Well, this depends again on where you’re putting your hammock:

For Outdoor Hammocking:

    • A hammock underquilt. Don’t go camping without one of these! Even in the summer, camping in a hammock can get pretty cold. Using an underquilt is a surefire way to avoid shivering while you snooze under the stars.
    • Hammock straps. Obvious, but essential. Most hammocks (including ours) come with straps, but it’s always good to have an extra set on hand just in case.
    • A hammock bug net. For those of us who enjoy summer time swinging, but don’t like to wake up covered in bug bites, this is for you! This super secure bug net is ideal for anyone camping in warmer climates.
    • A waterproof hammock tarp. We can’t always predict when Mother Nature will strike and try to ruin our outdoor adventures - so it pays to be prepared. This waterproof tarp will keep you (and your hammock) nice and dry for days at a time.

        For Indoor Hammocking

          • A hanging kit. Many indoor hammocks don’t come with a hanging kit, so it’s good to get one with a solid set of instructions and materials that won’t quit on you after only a little use.
          • An insulated quilt. This is especially great for patio hammocks or stationary outdoor hammocks! For those chilly nights, this waterproof quilt is a must-have.

          Final Thoughts

          Hopefully by now, you’ve selected the hammock of your dreams (and corresponding accessories)! If not, no worries - we can only hope this blog has at least helped you to be more informed on the countless types of hammocks there are in this wide world. If you’re curious or want to shop around a little more, why not check out our website?

          Hope this helps!

          Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor