4 Tips to Hammock With Your Pet

4 Tips to Hammock With Your Pet

Hello again, WOO family!

Today we’re going to talk about something near and dear to our hearts..PETS! Or more specifically, hammocking with pets. If you’ve been following us for awhile, I’m sure you have seen the adorable dogs, cats, chickens, (and even raccoons!) lounging in our hammocks. I wanted to share some great tips and ideas for enjoying hammocking with your furry or feathered friends.

Tip #1: Groom your pet before putting them inside of the hammock! Un-trimmed and un-smoothed claws have the potential to poke small holes or tear the fabric of the hammock. It’s best to make sure your furry friend has short, smooth claws before putting them in the hammock.

Tip #2: Keep the hammock low to the ground. Many pets will get excited or spooked if they hear or see something exciting. It’s best to keep the hammock low in case your pet decides they need to jump down quickly. Make sure that you can at least touch the ground with your foot when lounging in the hammock.

Tip #3: Get your pet comfortable with the hammock beforehand. Many pets will need some time to get used to the way a hammock feels and moves. It is best to introduce the hammock slowly and don’t force your pet to get in before they are ready. Treats and lots of praise and love are always a good way to encourage the pet to use the hammock!

Tip #4: If you’re going to be spending a long time outdoors with your pet, remember to bring them plenty of water! You’ll both be happier if you can remain cool and hydrated.

Tip #5: Lastly, if you are planning on camping overnight in your hammock with your pet, be sure and check beforehand that the campsite is pet-friendly. Many people allow their pets to sleep on an underquilt or pad underneath their hammock at night, but you can also allow your pet to sleep inside the hammock with you, if it is comfortable. For larger pets, it is recommended to get them their own hammock to sleep in or allow them to rest on the ground next to your hammock.

We hope you get to explore with your pets this summer! Be sure and send us pictures of you and your pets lounging in our hammocks, or tag us on Instagram @wiseowloutfitters!

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Wise Owl Team