5 Simple Camping Cooking Hacks

5 Simple Camping Cooking Hacks

Hello Owl's Nest,

With fall approaching, camping has been on our minds a lot lately. However, staying in the outdoors means cooking without the convenience of a kitchen. We wanted to share a few simple camping cooking hacks that will hopefully allow you to enjoy your time (and your meals) outdoors!

1.) Do you have any empty condiment bottles laying around? Once they are washed out, they make great containers on-the-go for things like pancake mix, homemade sauces, and oils.

2.) Instead of buying a huge bag of ice to put in your cooler, you can freeze several water bottles before your trip and place them in with your cold items to save space. Once they thaw, you’ll have extra water for cooking or drinking!

3.) A lot of us enjoy starting the day with a fresh cup of coffee, but coffee machines are not necessarily the easiest to take along on a camping trip. Here’s the solution: fill a coffee filter with a scoop of ground coffee, and tie it tightly with some dental floss. You now have a teabag-style “coffee bag” perfect for making a single cup — just add hot water and voilà!

4.) Camp food doesn’t have to be bland. Bring your spices along with you! Pour small amounts of the seasonings you'll be using into plastic straws, and seal up each end by heating with a lighter. Label with a pen or marker so you don’t get them mixed up, and voila! You’re ready to season your campfire meals perfectly.

5.) Our personal favorite- Using a cast iron skillet, spread an even layer of chocolate chips along the bottom and set the flat end of the marshmallows atop the chocolate chips in a circle. Set over the fire for 8-10 minutes, then serve using graham crackers to dip. No mess S’mores!

We hope you get a chance to try these super easy camping cooking hacks soon!

Until next time,

Wise Owl Team