A "Yogajournal" Mention, Hammock History, and a Woo Fan Shoutout!

A "Yogajournal" Mention, Hammock History, and a Woo Fan Shoutout!

Hey Woo Family! Hope you’re doing well this Spring Season. Did you eat Corned Beef and Cabbage on Tuesday? More importantly, did you remember to wear green? 🤣 Well, we’re glad to see you in this Friday edition of Notes From the Nest. We've got a few exciting things to tell you about today!

We were mentioned in Yoga Journal!

They loved how soft and absorbent our microfiber towels are. Here’s part of their review.

“These towels are soft, extra absorbent, fast-drying, and odor-resistant. They pack down to a small size, making them perfect for taking with you when hiking to your favorite swimming hole, fishing, or canoeing or kayaking. We also liked them for the gym and yoga classes. They are lightweight and are easy to carry.” (Source)

We couldn’t agree more! Our microfiber towels are great for taking along when every last inch of space matters - and we all know how much space (almost the entire backpack, right?) a normal beach towel takes up in a tote or backpack.

Thanks for the review Yoga Journal!

The Origins of the Hammock

Have you ever wondered where the hammock came from? How did we get this amazing invention? Well, let us give you a few details about its origin. It’s said that the hammock originated in Central America back in the days of the Maya. They would use hammocks so they could avoid mice, spiders, and other creeping night terrors. It’s said that they would even light small fires beneath for warmth and protection.

The first few mentions in western history were in the 16th Century - back in the days of Columbus and other explorers. Here’s one example of how they’re described. “Hamakes; they are some of them made of cotton wool, and some of barks of trees; they use to lie in them hanging.” Well, it didn’t take long before these “Hamakes” started trending in the western world. The English and Spanish Navies started implementing heavy canvas hammocks on ships within the next few decades.

Next time you’re trying to drift off to sleep in a hammock, imagine the roaring of the ocean waves, the swaying of a creaking ship, and the sounds of sailors singing above on the deck. Let us know if that helps!

We'll give you some more hammock history in the upcoming months, so stay tuned. 😀

A Note from a WOO Fan

Our WOO fan Billy sent us this review last week, and we’re so thankful for the kind words!

"Ordered this hammock on Amazon the last week and this is my first time testing it out. It was only $30 and comes with everything needed to set it up and it is super comfy simply to lay in. It's just gonna take some getting used to to find a comfortable position to do homework on my laptop in. I did however manage to get some English assignments done, or at least a couple drafts. And yes, I know I set the straps up wrong on the tree, but it was windy and I'm not too well-versed in hammock setup, so I said . . . it's good enough for now and works. Lol" - Billy W.

Good luck with that homework Billy! We hope you get A's on all those assignments.

Well WOO fans, that's all for this issue. See you next time. 😀