Benefits of Light Up Basketball Gear

Benefits of Light Up Basketball Gear

Shooting some hoops in the driveway or backyard is one activity that never gets old, no matter how old you are. While little kids love practicing their skills on the hoop and playing games like Horse, having a friendly one-on-one game is a great way to settle sibling rivalries at any age. Many families with basketball hoops find it being used on a regular basis, from multiple games on warm summer evenings to shooting a few hoops before heading to school in the morning.

You are likely to see family members and neighborhood friends shooting hoops under the sun goes down, but why does the dark have to ruin a game of fun? At Glow City, we offer glow-in-the-dark basketballs and basketball hoop light up kits that can help you keep the fun going long after the sunsets. There are many benefits to getting a light up kit for your hoop. Read on to learn more!

Play in the Dark

One of the best reasons to add a lighting kit to your basketball hoop is because it allows you to play long after the sun goes down. A regular basketball hoop and ball will be hard to see and play with as day turns to night, putting a quick end to the games as the sunsets. While you can always turn on the exterior house lights and hope you get enough illumination on your game, it can be difficult to see the further away from the house you get.

With a light-up basketball hoop kit and ball, they will always be visible to you and allow you to play in the dark. This means you will not have to stop playing halfway through your game because visibility is low. You can play for hours on end.

It’s Safer

If your children are playing basketball on your driveway or in the street of your cul de sac, it can be dangerous for them to play after dark. If the ball rolls in the street or a car does not see them playing in the street, your child could get injured. With a glowing basketball hoop and ball, your kids will always be seen. If the ball rolls into the street, a car will see it and be able to slow down and stop before your child runs in the street to get it.

Even if you sit outside and watch your children when they play at night, you never know when the ball may roll into the street and if your child will run after it. While our glowing basketball hoop kit and light up balls are meant to be fun, the safety feature is just an extra bonus!

It’s Fun

Not only can a light-up basketball and hoop kit keep your kids safe, but it also makes playing at night extremely fun! You and your kids will love playing late night games of basketball with your new, glowing basketball hoop and light-up ball. While basketball is fun every time of day, having glowing gear always makes things more fun! Everyone loves light-up games and activities, and you will love this kit! You can choose from a variety of different colors, making your light up basketball hoop a little more personalized to you and your family. If you want to get your kids outside more, adding our bright LED light strand to your basketball hoop will do the trick.

Looks Cool

With a light-up basketball hoop, not only will you be able to play at night, but it will also look super cool, too! Your neighbors will all be asking about your glowing basketball hoop and ball that they always see your kids playing with. If your child is one of those creative kids who enjoys making videos of their basketball skills, this will also help take those videos to the next level. The glowing hoop and impact-activated light up basketball will make your house the cool house in the neighborhood. Your kids will love playing outside with their friends and all of the neighbor kids.

Keep Kids Active

Nowadays, it is hard to keep kids active and outside. While the nighttime is generally the time when it’s okay for your kiddos to come in and watch their favorite cartoon, you may realize that your children spend more time in front of a screen than you would prefer. If this is the case, getting a light-up basketball hoop kit and ball can help get your children excited about playing outside again. This is great for warmer climates or summer nights when playing night games is the thing to do. If you want your children to spend their summer nights outside playing, light up your basketball hoop and let them enjoy the fun!

You and your family will love having a light-up basketball hoop and ball to play with even when the sun is down. Whether you just want the light up basketball, a hoop lighting kit, or our package that comes with the ball and hoop lighting kit, we can make sure you have endless fun long after sundown! Shop now and enjoy late-night basketball games.