Getting Kids Excited About Sports With Light Up Fun!

Getting Kids Excited About Sports With Light Up Fun! - Nestopia

Many kids (and adults alike) are addicted to screens. With on-demand TV, cell phones, iPads, and portable computers, it’s easy to spend all day in front of a screen. Everywhere you go there’s a screen, such as restaurants and even the grocery store. It’s hard to escape unless you decide to live off the grid, which most of us don’t do.

GlowCity began over 10 years ago with a passion to light up the dark. We began simply with our Light Up Stick Figure Costumes, which were an immediate hit. Since then, we’ve grown, offering a wide array of glow products to suit your needs, from wearable safety lights to event lighting. In this blog post, we’ll discuss our GlowCity Sports products that can have your kids forgetting about their screens and running to play outdoors. Visit us online to get started!


It’s Something Different

Kids become bored easily these days. One hundred years ago, this was simply not the case; kids were happy with a stick and some dirt. Now, they crave entertainment. When you play with a Light Up LED Basketball, Football, Soccer Ball, or Volleyball, your kids will love chasing after the ball and retrieving it.

It’s at Night

Kids love to play after dark, especially on warm summer nights when the temperature finally cools enough to play. There’s no school to get up for in the morning, and the night is theirs. It gives kids a sense of wonder and awe. Many discoveries of self happen when it’s quiet out.

It’s a Bonding Activity

So many parents today work long hours and then come home, make dinner, clean, and then relax for a bit before bed, leaving only weekends for bonding activities. However, adults secretly love glow in the dark sports equipment (and they may even have bought GlowCity’s Light Up Sports for themselves), and don’t be surprised if your parents join in on the fun. This is a great opportunity for parents to connect with kids and vice versa.

It’s a Time When Magic Happens

When a full moon shines, owls hoot, and raccoons romp, magic can happen in the dark, even for your kids. The dark lends itself to imaginative play, and with GlowCity’s Light Up Fun & Games, you can create hours of fun.

You Can Be Authentic

Kids these days struggle to find themselves amidst all of the media images they are constantly bombarded with. GlowCity’s Sports Equipment, including Light Up LED Basketballs, Footballs, Soccer Balls, and Volleyballs, can help kids be themselves when no one else sees.

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