DIY Glow Stick Costume

glow stick Halloween costumes

Fall has arrived and many people are looking ahead to the spooky season, cooler weather, lots of festive candy, and of course fun costumes. With so many costume options available, it can be hard to narrow down the perfect outfit for trick-or-treating or costume parties. One awesome option is a glow stick figure costume, which combines bold color with an eye-catching design that is impossible to ignore. This guide will help you discover the benefits of a glow stick costume and outline the steps to creating your very own light-up costume for Halloween.

What makes a glow stick costume great for kids?

Whether you plan on taking your children out to trick-or-treat or not, odds are, your children will be outside wearing their Halloween costumes. While it is easy to keep an eye on them during daylight hours, once the sun goes down, it can be a challenge to keep up with them. That's where a glow stick costume comes in handy. Glow sticks show up well in the evening hours and assist with supervision.

Glow sticks are highly visible from a long distance, so even those with tricky eyesight can easily keep an eye on their children. Additionally, glow sticks are easy to find and cheap to purchase in bulk, making this costume a cost-effective solution for many parents.

What do I need to make a glow stick costume?

To put together a DIY glow stick costume, you just need a handful of items. For almost any style of glow in the dark costume, you will need to gather the following supplies:

1. A long-sleeved black shirt

2. Black pants

3. Clear packing tape

4. Glow sticks, necklaces, or bracelets

You don't have to use black pants and a black shirt for the costume, but they should be a dark color, either dark gray or dark blue — something that will allow the glow sticks to really "pop." It's also a good idea to have your child try on the pants and shirt for the costume before attaching the glowsticks, to make sure that everything fits properly. This will also help you to estimate how many glow sticks you actually need to create the costume. Once you have accumulated the items that you need to make the glow stick costume, you are ready to put all the elements together.

How to make your glow stick costume

It is time to make your DIY glow stick costume! It only takes five simple steps to construct a glow stick figure costume, from start to finish. One important thing to note is that you will want to make this costume at the last minute, to keep the glow sticks lasting as long as possible.

1. Lay out the dark-colored shirt and pants on a table or other flat surface.

2. Remove the glow sticks from their packaging, activate them by following the directions on the package, and set them on top of the clothing, in the shape that you want.

3. Use the clear packing tape to affix the glow sticks to the clothing. Make sure to rub the tape on so that it adheres well and becomes invisible. Add extra tape the arms and legs, to keep the glow sticks firmly in place.

4. Flip the clothing over and do the same thing to the back of the outfit. This will add to your child's visibility and enhance safety even more.

5. Have your child try the outfit on before heading out for the evening. If any glow sticks need adjustment, now is the time to make any alterations and ensure that everything fits and looks great.

Don't be afraid to get creative with your DIY glow stick costume! You can easily mix and match different glow stick colors. Another great way to mix it up is to create accessories with glow sticks, such as headbands, necklaces, and even light-up face masks for an all-over glow.

Alternative glow in the dark costumes

LED light up Halloween skull masks

If you love the look of a glow stick figure costume but want to try out something a little bit different, you can incorporate light-up elements into almost any costume or outfit. A glow-in-the-dark mask offers an intense look with minimal effort and is a great add-on to a traditional ghost or skeleton costume. If you have any questions about building the perfect glow costume, visit GlowCity today! GlowCity offers a wide variety of light-up and glow products, from masks and apparel to light-up LED basketballs and other sports essentials.