CD Sleeves - 100 Pack

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CD Sleeves - 100 Pack

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  • PERFECT PROTECTION - Keep your valuables safe, sound, and stored. These CD envelopes are designed to keep your discs in prime condition to ensure enjoyment for years to come.
  • TABBED - No need to waste hours looking for one disc. Our paper CD sleeves come with a 1/3" tab that can be labeled and visibly seen for when you need to pull out just the right album from your storage container.
  • THIN DESIGN - DVD and CD covers can get pretty bulky. Swap 'em out for these jacket DVD sleeves to get some of that storage back - they're designed to be thin-yet-sturdy to ensure both space and security.
  • HALFWAY SEALED - With these CD paper sleeves, your discs aren't going anywhere. They're sealed halfway up to ensure no movement after your CD or DVD has been placed in.
  • BULK PACK - We here at Vaultz believe that bulk is best! No matter how big your collection is, our giant CD sleeve holder set can handle it. Need more? Grab another bulk set!

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