1-Gallon Glass Jar with Airtight Lid

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1-Gallon Glass Jar with Airtight Lid

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1-Gallon Clear Glass Jar

1-Gallon-capacity glass jars for all your kitchen needs. The jar features a crystal-clear construction that allows for easy visibility of contents. This versatile jar is sure to turn heads as its attractive silhouette will look amazing anywhere you store it.

White Metal Lid with Plastisol Liner 

Included with the jar is a white metal screw-on lid. The lids feature a plastisol liner that provides a vacuum seal to keep contents fresh. 

Fine Grade USDA Certified Glass

The jars are constructed of thick, high-quality, non-heat-treated glass that resists breakage and won't absorb food flavors. The glass is certified food safe by the USDA. 

Wide-Mouth Jar

With a generous 4-inch-diameter opening, these jars are well suited for canning whole fruits and veggies. The large diameter of the opening also permits users to easily access contents at the bottom of the jar. 

Ideal for Fermenting and Preserving

These jars incredible for making your very own kombucha, kefir, and sun teas! Use them to store brewed beer, wine, and sangria! The jars are also ideal for pickling veggies, preserving fruits, and storing large batches of homemade sauce.

Multipurpose Kitchen Tool

Use the jars to keep uncooked pasta, rice, oats, flour, sugar, and more. 

Easy Breezy Cleaning

To clean; wash the jars by hand in soap and warm water or place in dishwasher for a quick safe clean! Lids should be washed by hand.


10" tall with a 4" wide opening

Weights & Dimensions

Metal Lid, Plastic Lid

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