Christmas Wreath Storage Bag

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Christmas Wreath Storage Bag

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  • PROTECTED - Embrace peace of mind with two nonwoven wreath bags, providing a safe sanctuary for your 30-inch holiday wreaths. Bid farewell to irreversible damage and welcome the joy of retrieving your wreaths in the same pristine condition in which you stored them.
  • BREATHABLE - Crafted from waterproof polyethylene plastic, these lightweight bags breathe life into your wreaths during their stay in your storage space. The smooth exterior is built to last, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and functionality of these bags for many joyful years to come.
  • STRONG HANDLES - Designed with perfectly sized stitch-reinforced handles on both sides, these wreath bags enable you to carry them in and out of your storage space. Hang them on a hook using the carry handles for a secure and space-saving storage option, keeping your wreaths out of harm's way.
  • EASY ACCESS - The dual zipper feature ensures effortless placement and removal of your wreaths. The top fully unzips to protect the shape and any delicate decorations adorning your wreaths. Say goodbye to struggling with tight slots or narrow openings, and instead, welcome hassle-free storage.
  • CARD SLOT - The card slot positioned on the front of each wreath bag allows for clear labeling, enabling fast identification without the need to unzip the storage bag.

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