Black Ear Warmer Headband for Women

Black Ear Warmer Headband for Women


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Tired of wearing ear muffs that don’t fully cover your ears?

You would think that with ear muffs, your ears will be warm and cozy during the heavy winter months. But it’s the other way around: Your ears are freezing and in pain because your ear muffs can’t keep the cold out.

Sure, they are easy to wear and remove, but when it comes to getting the job done, many fall short. A size too small does not provide enough ear and head protection, and a size too big allows chilly air to enter.

Luther Pike Seattle’s Knit Ear Warmers for Women provides warmth and full protection for the ears and head!

Our head wrap comes in 1 size that fits most. Simply slip it on your head and adjust accordingly to cover any exposed skin around your ears. If you want an extra layer of protection, you can pair it with our double-layered beanie.

Is your hair frizzy from the cold weather? Never worry about a bad hair day because you can easily cover it up or push back wayward strands with our winter headband. Go on your day-to-day activities without unmanageable hair getting in the way.

Do you have an active lifestyle? Jog, run, or work out wearing your new head accessory. Our wide ear warmer doubles as an exercise head wrap you can use during autumn or spring.

Still not convinced? Here are additional reasons to help you make the right choice:
? Lets you play in the snow in style
? ? Offers downy softness against skin
? With 7 stylish colors to choose from
? Machine washable
? Makes a great gift for the holidays

Keep your ears warm during the cold season. Add Luther Pike Seattle’s Knit Ear Warmers for Women to your cart TODAY!

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