Auto Funnels

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Auto Funnels

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Get the job done with these KarZone automotive funnels. The small funnel can be used for multiple purposes that include automotive, lab, kitchen, workplace and garage projects. The heavy-duty, yet lightweight and sturdy design provides users with a comfortable and ergonomic pouring experience. The perfect multi-purpose funnel for fuel, lubricants and liquid oil. Lightweight and sturdy construction will not break and will not tip over. The mouth and downspout of these funnels are engineered to protect from spills and liquid loss to help keep your workspace clean. Ideal for car maintenance, oil change, and filling the narrow bottlenecks of containers, flasks, jugs, gasoline tanks, fuel drums, or depositing coins in a change bucket or tip jar. They will hold up to repeated use and resist corrosion from most liquids including fuel, oil, lubricants, coolants, pure liquid chemicals and more.
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