8 Pack Metallic Acrylic Paint Set

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8 Pack Metallic Acrylic Paint Set

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individuall Metallic Acrylic Paint Set, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper

Have you been looking for high-quality paints to help you and your little one discover the joys of painting? Are you tired of using low-quality acrylic paints that feature dull colors and run out far too quickly? If so, then our premium Metallic Acrylic Paint Set is exactly what you’ve been looking for!


Our acrylic hobby paints have been expertly made in Germany where they have been tested for high quality control, ensuring each and every bottle of paint meets our high standards of quality. This includes making sure each color is bright and vivid, that they give you longer lasting use, mix well with other colors.


8 Beautifully Rich Colors

For our craft paint set, we wanted to ensure you had every color you need to start painting your own personal masterpieces right from the get go. This set includes the colors 2 x Gold, 2 x Silver, 2 x Bronze, 2 x Copper. These base colors are great on their own, but also are perfect to mix and combine to craft even more outstanding colors for your artwork.


Instructions for use:

1. Stir thoroughly before use. The metallic pigment can separate and fall to the bottom of the pot. If you don’t stir before use, you won’t get the full effect.

2. Apply a white primer undercoat to prevent the paint being absorbed by the surface, followed by at least 2 layers of paint.

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