Wood Pizza Peel - 22x14''

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Wood Pizza Peel - 22x14''

See More by Heritage Products

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  • Don't Sweat The Scrape: This pizza paddle has a tapered edge that peels your pizza right off the stone with no problem.
  • Extra Large And In Charge: Grab this 22"x14" pizza spatula for your biggest (and most delicious) culinary projects for some seriously stress-free baking.
  • Smooth, Yet Sturdy: Don't be fooled by this wooden pizza peel's elegantly thin frame. We've ensured our pizza making paddles are thick enough to never warp.
  • Happy Handling: Don't burn your hands! Use the long handle to steer clear of the heat, and then use it again to hang up your pizza board when you're all done!
  • Dinner Is Served: This wooden pizza paddle brings both function and form to your dinner table, so you can serve your meal WITH it, then get this: serve your meal ON it.

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