Moth Traps for House - 7 Pack

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Moth Traps for House - 7 Pack

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  • Food Protection: We've got the solution for those looking to get rid of the creepy crawlies making a home in their bag of flour or cereal! Our pantry moth traps are a great repellent against pantry moth infestations
  • Effective: Moths are naturally drawn to the pheromones inside, providing a simple yet effective solution. Our moth traps for house pantry use attract all kinds of pantry moths, including Indian meal moths!
  • Convenient Design: The innovative hook design allows you to hang the trap in your pantry, kitchen, or any cabinet or cupboard where food is stored. (This moth repellent is for pantry moths only, and is not effective against clothing moths or gypsy moths)
  • Easy Setup: There are just 3 easy steps for this pantry moth killer - open, peel, and fold! No additional products are needed for our indoor moth traps
  • Long-Lasting: Not only are our moth glue traps child and pet-friendly, but they're also sealed to help preserve freshness. Each trap can last up to 3 months!

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