Push Up Bars

Push Up Bars


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Are You Looking to Add Some Serious Muscle to Your Upper Body and Some Awesome Core Strength?....All While Looking After of Your Wrists


- Add Muscle Fast
- Get Stronger Faster
- Better Sporting Performance
- Great Looking Upper Body
- Way More Comfortable
- Reduced Risk of Wrist Injury or Pain
- Train Whenever You Want
- Increased Sports Efficiency and Reduced Risk of Injury

The Elite Push Up:

- Is made of high quality material with steel ball bearings in the ROTATING base
- Is long lasting and very comfortable
- Will quickly ease pain in your wrists if they're currently hurting
- Gives great support to your back while you perform fuller extended push ups while hitting your muscles at many more new angles
- Bonus skipping rope is also included

Online videos on how to best use your Push up Bars are provided by Elite Sportz Equipment. The link is on the packaging and instructions.

Elite Sportz Equipment has a 100% Satisfaction and Lifetime Replacement Warranty if your not completely happy or the product ever breaks.
In the event of your product breaking or you're unhappy please contact Elite Sportz Equipment through your order and we will assist you.

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