Electrolyte Tablets - 120 Capsules

Electrolyte Tablets - 120 Capsules

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When you break a sweat, you know you're working out hard, but you're also losing vital body salts with each droplet of perspiration. If you don't take steps to replenish
those lost electrolytes, your performance can quickly start to suffer. Fortunately, you can rehydrate fast and go the distance when you're
running, playing sports or working out with the help of Rapid Rehydr8 Electrolytes Supplement.

REHYD8 is manufactured with Sodium Chloride that is made from Sea Water. We’ve added potassium, calcium and magnesium to give more of a balanced blend of electrolytes.
In which are lost through sweating and aid in proper muscle contraction during exercise. Working great to stop leg cramps FAST.

With our energy pills, you can avoid dehydration and reduce your risk of muscle cramps without having to drink sugary sports drinks. You can take them
before, during or after exercise to reap their benefits, and they're made in the USA to ensure quality.

Rapid Rehydr8 Electrolytes Supplement is ideal for:

- Runners
- Cyclists
- Athletes
- CrossFit
- Bodybuilding & weightlifting
- Hiking and other outdoor activities

Whether you're looking for an endurance supplements marathon formula for a big race, energy pills to help you give it your all during every game
or endurance supplements for the gym, Rapid Rehydr8 Electrolytes Supplement is the ideal choice.

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do is contact us through your order and Elite Sportz will assist you immediately with a refund or replacement.

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