Hand Casting Kit for Couples

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Hand Casting Kit for Couples

See More by Discovering DIY

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*Ensure you watch our detailed instructional video on this product listing page, before attempting your mold. Our formula is quick setting, please use cold water in STEP 1 to slow down the setting process if more time is needed.

Great for graduation, birthday, anniversary, engagement or baby shower gift. The hand hold casting kit is a fun way to create lasting memories.   

Our kit is the most complete hand mold kit available on the market. You will receive a large hand casting bucket, step 1 alginate molding powder, step 2 casting powder, practice step 1 alginate molding powder, practice step 2 casting powder, a pair of gloves, sandpaper, a wood detailing stick, a safety pin, a plastic de-molding knife, bronze acrylic paint, clear sealant, a paint brush and detailed instructions.

We include so many extra items, because we want you to have the greatest experience possible. You will need to use a large mixing bowl, a measuring cup and a whisk or spoon with our kit. We provide all other items needed to create an amazing casting.

We include practice alginate molding powder and practice casting powder in the kit so you can become comfortable working with the materials before you make your full hand casting.

This kit provides the materials to create the following castings: 1 adult hand, 2 adult hands, 1 adult and 1 child, 2 to 3 children, or 1 adult and one pet paw!

Bronze acrylic paint and clear sealant are included with your kit to create a great finish for your casting! The clear sealant will seal and protect your casting which is very important if it will be handled by many. The bronze acrylic paint gives your casting a unique finish that will make others notice and comment.


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