Dino Egg Dig Kit for Kids - 15 Eggs, Toys, Cards & Tools

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Dino Egg Dig Kit for Kids - 15 Eggs, Toys, Cards & Tools

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Bonus! Features 2 Glow-In-The-Dark Dino Figures

To add an additional surprise element to this dino excavation and learning set, 2 out of the 15 eggs contain a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur. Simply expose these dinosaur figures to light for about 5 minutes and watch them glow in the dark!

25% More Eggs And 3 More Dinosaurs Than Other Sets

Our DinoMax Dino Egg Dig Kit contains 15 dinosaur eggs, 3 more than other similar sets. The vast majority of dinosaur egg dig kits on Amazon contain only a dozen (12) eggs. With our set, it's like getting 3 eggs free! Each egg contains a unique dinosaur inside, so you can be assured that your kids will get a new surprise each and every time. This is the most value set on Amazon in terms of the number of eggs and dinosaur figures.

Less Messy Compared To Other Similar Sets

These dinosaur eggs are made with our new "No-Soak" technology. Unlike other sets, you won't need to soak them in water before digging into them. Save time, create less of a mess, and make cleaning a breeze!

Includes 30 High-Quality Wooden Tools

Made with real wood! The included wooden chisels and brushes (1 chisel and 1 brush per egg) are extremely durable, unlike plastic tools provided by other brands.

15 Large, Colorful Dinosaur Learning Cards

Includes 15 large (3.5" x 4.25") double-sided, full-color dino learning cards. Illustrated with realistic dinosaur representations, the cards feature fascinating facts about the dinosaurs including their names, pronunciation, size, diet, where they lived, when they lived, and other fun facts.

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