Coffee Scale

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Coffee Scale

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Coffee Gator Digital Timing Scales are the professional brewing choice

Just as happy in the kitchen as they are in the coffee shop, they make weighing and timing a breeze.

Accurate to 0.003 oz (0.1g) you can be confident of getting things right. It seems a shame to have a chaotic coffee calamity or an embarrassing bakery debacle when there’s absolutely no need to.

Whether you’re making pour over, French press (cafetiere), Aeropress, Moka or espresso coffee, these scales are well up to the job.

Measure with a Coffee Gator scale and look forward to more smiles per cup

Height: 1” / 25mm
Width: 5” / 127mm
Depth: 7.5” / 190mm
Accuracy: 0.003oz / 0.1g
Units: Ounces (oz), pounds (Lb), grams (g), gram millilitres (g/ml), millilitres (ml)
Max Weight: 3kg / 6.6lb / 106oz
Increase in happiness levels: Approx. 96.7%

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