Clarinet Care & Maintenance Kit

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Clarinet Care & Maintenance Kit

See More by Cecilio

Proper use of Cecilio care kit and consistent maintenance of instrument will help ensure that you will enjoy your clarinet for many years to come.

Hanky Swab – After each use disassemble your clarinet and drop the weighted cord through the main tube. Pull swab through to remove moisture and dirt particles from the bore. Clean the bell and neck in the same manner to prevent corrosion of the inside of the instrument and to keep the pads clean and free from moisture.

Mouthpiece brush – After each use, rub the outside of the mouthpiece with a soft cloth, then scrub the inside of your mouthpiece with the mouthpiece brush. You can use lukewarm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.

Polishing Cloth – After each use, rub the outside of your instrument to remove particles and fingerprints. Use care to avoid bending keys.

Key brush – Use the soft end of the key brush once a week to remove dust or lint that accumulates around post, springs and under key rods. Use the pipe cleaner end once a week to clean hard to reach areas.

Cork Grease – Rub small amounts on neck cork and all joints to maintain the quality of the cork and to ease mouthpiece assembly. Remember to always remove your mouthpiece when not in use.

Other helpful hints

Avoid fluids that contain sugar prior to playing. If drinking or eating prior to playing rinse out your mouth.

Always use care when removing your clarinet from its case. Never grab instrument by its keys.

Always disassemble instrument when not in use.

Always store your clarinet in its case when not in use to prevent damage.

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