Purple Toning Shampoo & Conditioner Set - 8 Fl Oz Each

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Purple Toning Shampoo & Conditioner Set - 8 Fl Oz Each

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At BOLD UNIQ we pride ourselves on creating highly effective products that give you instant, salon-worthy results, restoring hair health, and reducing the damage of excessive bleaching and coloring.

This Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Duo gives you everything you need to tone and smooth your Blonde, Platinum, Silver and Gray Hair. Presented in a fabulous display pack, that contains everything you could need to revitalize and renew your tresses. Pssst, we even threw in some pro tips and tools to perfect your transformation!

The bestselling Purple Shampoo has superior brass banishing powers and is much stronger than your average blonding shampoos, the vivid violet pigments within this shampoo will enhance and brighten your color, abolishing yellow tones to reveal a fresh and illuminated finish.

Our Purple Conditioner uses a super hydrating formulation to provide intense nourishment to color-treated blonde hair. A neutralizing complex that works to strengthen and smooth dry and damaged hair, repairing split ends and adding moisture and shine to the hair.

We know that maintaining your Blonde, Platinum, Silver and Gray Hair can be hard work, which is why we have paired our best-selling Purple Shampoo with the nourishing formula of our Purple Conditioner. But be assured, this conditioner is no pushover, with half the potency of our shampoo!

How to use: Ensure hair is washed, clean, and free from product build-up before applying. As a guide to remove brassiness from blonde hair, or to lighten silver/gray hair: leave your Purple Shampoo in for 3-5 minutes. If this doesn't work, double your initial leave-in time. For shimmering platinum/silver or ash-gray tones: leave in for 10-20 minutes. Finish with your Purple Conditioner, a couple of minutes leave-in time will be enough to give your color a final boost, and a lovely shine. Use every 2-3 washes.

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