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Zober Tree Storage Bag Use & Care Guide
  • To avoid injury, it’s recommended that 2 people together should place the tree in the bag.
  • Only Store the specified maximum tree size, take care not to overload the bag.
  • Do not pull the zipper with excessive force.
  • Life, never drag the bag on the floor.
  • Keep away from children.

To pack the tree bag

  1. Fully disassemble your tree.
  2. Place the largest tree section in the bag force.
    Note: The metal stems should never be placed outwards against the bag as they can puncture and rip the tree bag.
  3. Position the next largest size inside the bag, metal stem side first, making sure the fullest part of the tree rests against the opposite tree’s metal stem.
  4. Continue this process until each tree part is placed neatly in the bag making sure the metal stems are located in the center of the bag against the tree branches.
Can I store Zober Ornament Storage Box safely in the attic that could reach 100+ degrees during the summer?

The product can be stored at 100+ degrees but it shouldn't be exposed directly to the sun.

Are the Wooden Hangers flat or curved?

The hangers are flat when lined up on a rod, they will nest together and hang flat/perpendicular to the rod.

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