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Vaultz was created for everything you hold valuable. With a wide range of secure storage products ranging from pencil cases to storage trunks, Vaultz protects what’s important for family, business, and beyond.

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What are the products made out of?

ALL Vaultz® products are made with an MDF core.  The main frame of our Vaultz® products is a wood MDF board.

The MDF is covered with a PP laminate (a Prop 65 approved laminate).  It is a safe form of a plastic PVC, similar to vinyl.

The Vaultz® cases are then trimmed with metal rails, chrome corners and locks.

How do I open my box for the first time?

The default combination for all of our products is 000.

To open:

  • Make sure the combination is set to the default
  • Slide the square button away from the numbers.

Instructions on how to set your new combination can be found inside the box or here:

My box is not opening on the correct combination. What can I do?

To open the box, we recommend trying the original 000 combinations it came set at to see if this will still open it. If this does not work, we suggest trying combinations that are similar to the original in case the combination was accidentally nudged up or down a number.

For example, if your lock was set to “444” you can try “445” or “443” and so on. You may also try using a little more force to open the box; these products are durable, so sliding the square button harder will not break the lock.

If the above suggestions do not work, the only way to open the box will be to remove the lock. (Since these are security products, we don’t have universal reset codes) This can be done by wedging a tool such as a flat-head screwdriver between the lock and the box to pull the lock off.

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