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Driven to Thrill

From the track to the trail – Laegendary delivers high speed thrills with hobby-grade RCs in both miniature and monster scale. With tough, metal components, oil-filled shocks, and IPX4 water resistance – every Laegendary RC boasts awesome speed, power, and value right out of the box.

Nestopia Nestopia
Nestopia Nestopia

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Laegendary User Manuals

1:8 Scale NITRO Brushless RC Car

1:8 Scale NITRO Brushed RC Car

1:10 Scale SPRINT Brushless RC Car

1:10 Scale SPRINT Brushed RC Car

1:16 Scale SONIC Brushless RC Car

1:16 Scale SONIC Brushed RC Car

1:18 Scale STING Brushless RC Car

1:20 Scale TRITON RC Car

1:8 Scale RANGO Crawler

1:10 Scale GRANDO Crawler

1:12 Scale TORNADO RC Car

1:10 Scale LEGEND RC Car

1:10 Scale THUNDER RC Car

1:12 Scale ONYX RC Car

RC Construction User Manuals

1:14 Scale BUCKSTER Front Loader

1:14 Scale DIGGER Excavator

1:14 Scale TIPPER Dumptruck

RC Charger User Manual

Balance Charger

Swings User Manuals

60" Oval Swing

60" Platform Swing

40" Round Swing

40" Hexagon Swing

40" Colored Web Tree Swing

Climbing Rope