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Meet the ultimate thirst trap

Katchy removes gnats, mosquitos, and other small bugs from homes, bars, and restaurants. And it does so naturally and safely. Katchy is a customer-favorite for clean kitchens, happy plants, and everywhere else small bugs buzz up your airspace.

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What size room will the Katchy Insect Traps work in?

To best get rid of gnats, our effective coverage area is 320 square feet. Larger spaces will require more Insect Traps.

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How do I clean my Katchy Insect Trap?

Our traps can be cleaned from the outside with a washcloth, and from the bottom by opening it. However, the upper part of the insect trap can be cleaned from the outside.

A few screws can be seen if you open the bottom and look at the fan. They can be unscrewed to clean the fan from the bottom of the trap. Otherwise, the fan can be cleaned with canned air or a cleaning cloth from the top/outside.

Why does the light flicker or switch while running? Is my insect trap broke?

No. The UV light switching its brightness is normal. Our UV lights operate between wavelengths of 365 to 395 nm, the UV light can change its brightness according to the environment it’s placed in.

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