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How do I get the plastic shield on over the battery compartment?

If the customer is using 3 AA batteries, there is no need for plastic shields. When using 18650 batteries, insert batteries in the plastic tube first.

How do I clean corrosion on battery contacts?
  1. Remove the damaged batteries and recycle them properly (check your local sanitation department for the appropriate disposal method of alkaline batteries).
  2. Wipe as much of the corrosion away as possible with a clean cloth.
  3. Dip a clean cotton swab into white vinegar and brush it directly onto the corroded springs and battery contacts. Repeat the process until all the white residue is removed.
  4. Using a clean cloth or new cotton swab, wipe off any residue left by the liquefied corrosion and white vinegar. Once completely dry, insert new batteries.
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