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On what surfaces can Angry Orange be used?

Our products can be used on carpet, tile, concrete, floors, artificial turf, fabric, upholstery, non-leather furniture, and garbage cans.

Does Angry Orange only eliminate bad smells or does it works on stains too?

Angry Orange knows that where there’s stink, there’s probably a stain – especially when it comes to pets. That’s why we created our line of products. We want to attack those tough spots like pee stains and eliminate nasty pet smells that linger around the house. Angry Orange Odor Eliminators are designed to tackle bad smells, while the scented Enzyme Stain Cleaners break down components of stains and odors to create a complete cleaning system.

Is Angry Orange toxic to cats or dogs?

Pets, especially cats and birds, may be sensitive to concentrated levels of certain ingredients. Always follow the label’s instructions for use. First remove pets from the area before spraying and keep them away from the treated area until it dries. As with many pet products, it’s best to test the product in a small area to ensure they respond safely before using it in your home. Never spray directly onto your pets.

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