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Nestopia - Residential and Commercial Interior ‘Design &  Build’ Service Mumbai
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Location :
FNJ Investments, Ghana
Budget / Sq. ft.
Project Scope :
Design Only
Professional Name :
Tanushree / Abhishek


Design concepts for the space/site initially visualised with the help of our Stylefinder app. Once Stylefinder generates results as per your inputs, the designers also come into picture with regards to their personal design opinion as per your space and requirement.


Our designers provide some really professional design options after understanding our clients' requirements better. See + Be in your space before it’s even made through our 360 degrees 3D Virtual Views. Walk into a virtual space and experience the magic! Here are final designs shared and approved by our clients for their individual spaces.

One of a kind customization, your home tailor made for you

Experience Interior Design like never before. Visualize your space like its right in front of you

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Interior Design

Complete design + build solutions.

Interior Design

Experienced thoroughly vetted
Designers + Contractors.

Interior Design

100% Customized designs created
for you only.

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On time, on budget, on specification
project handover guarantee.

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Technology for easy
project management.

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Dedicated project manager as single point
of contact for ease in communication.

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