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Nestopia’s 360 ° approach to Interior Design

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+91 80802 55233

Nestopia - Residential and Commercial Interior ‘Design &  Build’ Service Mumbai
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Site inspection + Project brief

Site Visit + Requirement Capture

Upon booking a request, our Design Expert visits your space to understand the project requirement. Using ScopeFinder™, Nestopia’s proprietary tool, our Design expert captures structure & layout, environment conditions & needs.


Team Matching

Designers | Project Managers | Contractors

At Nestopia, we take immense care while matching you with the most suitable design + build team from our panel of top designers, experienced contractors and professional project managers. Our thorough vetting process for talent includes considering past projects, education, industry experience and reputation.


Design Pitch + Finalization

Designers | Project Managers | Contractors

Nestopia is proud that ours is one of the most detailed design pitches in the industry. It includes customized unique design options + space plans + estimates + detailed references to help you envision your space.


Material Shopping

Personalised shopping with our partnered Brands

Site visit by our Design Experts using Nestopia’s ScopeFinder™ to review 1000+ details about your space and understand your needs + vision.


Build + Project Management

Designers | Project Managers | Contractors

Design drawing confuse you? Now See + Be in your space before it’s even made through 360 degrees 3D Virtual Views.

Monitor your Project

Dashboard | Client App | Regular support

Design drawing confuse you? Now See + Be in your space before it’s even made through 360 degrees 3D Virtual Views. Walk into a virtual space and experience the magic!

Service Warranty

Post handover warranty

180 days of post handover warranty to cover all workmanship defects.

Guarantee Programme

On time, On Budget, On Specification

On time, on budget, on specification handover. We safeguard you from unjustified project delays and budget escalations.

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