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Nestopia - Residential and Commercial Interior ‘Design &  Build’ Service Mumbai
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  • Do you offer your service in my city?

    Currently Nestopia is servicing Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune.

  • How old is Nestopia?

    Nestopia was founded in October 2013.

  • What are some achievements of Nestopia since it's inception?

    Nestopia has handled a staggering 2000 Crore worth of project inquiry in the last one year.

    We have a network of 5000+ curated designers and project managers we work with.

    We pride ourselves in having designed the Most advanced style finder. Try it.

    We have developed India’s first online client dashboard that lets clients monitor advancements on site and provide approvals without the hassle of having to visit the worksite.

  • Who are Nestopia’s promoters?

    Nestopia is founded by Harsh Jain and promoted by the Centuryply, India’s largest manufacturers of plywood. (view linkedin profile)

  • What is Nestopia’s hiring model? Should I be worried?

    We work with meticulously curated designers & contractors on project basis. The only thing you have to worry about organising a fabulous housewarming/office inauguration!

  • Is Century Ply trying to promote itself by investing in Nestopia?

    No. Nestopia is an investment by Century Ply to support Nestopia’s vision of building an interior design eco-system that will be easily accessible to the clients. There are no obligations for the client or upon Nestopia to use Centuryply. However, we have managed a special pricing on the best plywood in the market made available to you exclusively through us.

  • How are you different than other interior design companies?

    Nestopia’s ambition is bigger that of any Interior design firm. Our mission is to bring order to this unorganized interior design industry. This holistic approach pushes us to find ways of organising and systematizing all our process. What it translates into for you as a client is unparalleled consumer experience consisting organised processes, professional conduct, and reliability. Each time.

  • How much time will it take to get the project completed?

    It depends on the project but we assure you our processes and technology ensures speedy delivery. To get an estimate on time, book a consultation with our Design Expert by calling 2233494959.

  • Is there any fee for booking consultation with the Design Expert?

    The consultation with our Design Expert is free of cost.

  • What if the we want our contractor to do the execution of the design prepared by Nestopia?

    In that case, Nestopia’s scope of service will be limited to Design only and execution becomes the client’s responsibility.

  • If we want to procure the material ourselves through our own set of vendors?

    Yes, you can. But the responsibility of coordinating, quality check and timely delivery is yours. Nestopia will not coordinate with your vendor regarding material delivery.

  • Can Nestopia’s designers share the estimates and the presentation with us?

    Yes, Nestopia’s designers shares the design presentation and estimates on payment of the engagement fee.

  • Can Nestopia’s designers provide us with break-up of material and labour in BOQ?

    Yes, Nestopia’s designer will provide you a detailed itemised rates

  • Can we get separate quotation for separate areas (for eg : if it's a 2bhk apartment, separate quotation for interior fit-out work in living-room, bedroom, kitchen etc ) ?

    Yes. Nestopia’s designer will give you a detailed breakup according to the different areas of the project space.

  • What are the benefits of procuring material through Nestopia?

    - Material Inspection for quality and authenticity.
    - Timely delivery.
    - Best Rates using benefits of bulk buying.

  • I am confused about which material is best suited for my project ? Will Nestopia’s designers help me?

    Yes. Nestopia’s designers will help you pick the materials according to your budget , value of money design preference and timelines.

  • Designers also take your along to select stores and vendors.

    We also provide you with a material guide that lists down pros and cons of every material.

  • Does Nestopia have margins on the products they procure?

    Nestopia adds value through material procurement by selection the right vendor, inspecting material and also offering you the best rates in the market. We do keep a margin but without passing any cost on to the client.

  • How will you ensure good finishing of the work?

    - Nestopia works with trained and vetted professionals.
    - We conduct regular quality checks.

  • What if I want to stop the project because of a certain reason?

    In case of wilful termination from the clients end, the client is liable to pay the professionals for the work in progress till the next milestone. To know about the defined milestones call 2233494959

  • What if Nestopia is not able to find me a professional for my project?

    We will swiftly inform you so your project is not held up because of us in case we can’t match you with a designer.

  • What happens if the professional we hired through Nestopia abandones our project?

    We compensate you using the security fee we keep as deposit. Over and above that, Nestopia does not take any liability in such a scenario.

  • What if the project doesn't start on time or the contractor goes absconding?

    At any point of time, there is a security deposit from the contractor that lies with Nestopia to safeguard the consumer interest.

  • What if the contractor messes up my work?

    Nestopia does not take responsibility for the contractor. What Nestopia does for is you forecast any issues that might arise so you can check the problem before it damages your project. When some issues arise that cannot be resolved easily and cause loss of one to the client, Nestopia resolves the dispute at two levels:
    - Penalties upon contractor.
    - Final step is to replace the contractor and withhold his fee which will be used by the new contractor to execute the project.

  • If the contractor is delaying the execution or there is no-one working on my site?

    Nestopia levies a penalty of 1% for every one week of delay.

  • If a customer logs a complaint with Nestopia's call centre about the designer or contractor not responding to client's complaint for over 48 hours (the request should be logged in via email at info@nestopia.com)

    Nestopia responds to your request within 24 hours by contacting the troubling party (designer, contractor etc.) and requesting them to respond to your request.

  • Who is in charge of the warranties on materials, services?

    The material brand and contractor is liable for providing the warranties to the consumer.

  • How do I know my Professional is accurately billing for my project?

    Nestopia verified the actual quantity of work of done on site against the bills submitted to you by the professional. Nestopia also verifies the quality of the finish.

  • Is the engagement fee for the QC service provided?

    No. The engagement fee is for three things: Matchmaking, design pitch, and contract fee. Nestopia does not charge its consumers for QC.

  • Does Nestopia charge its professionals a fee? Does the professional pass on the burden of that fee to the consumer?

    Yes, Nestopia charges its professionals a fee for connecting them with clients. However, this fee is negligible when compared to the SAVINGS you make on the project because Nestopia protects you from frauds, inflated quotes, incorrect material quantities, poor material quality, project delays, anxiety about your project and more. If you were to put a price on the value of our service, it would easily exceed our fee!

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