Treating Carpal Tunnel Pain With Hot And Cold Therapy

Treating Carpal Tunnel Pain With Hot And Cold Therapy

Treating Carpal Tunnel Pain With Hot And Cold Therapy

If your hands hurt, your fingers feel swollen, there is a pain in your arm which is slowly moving towards the neck and shoulders or there is lack of flexibility, then these are all signs of Carpel Tunnel pain. You’ll generally see these signs during extreme weather. Carpel Tunnel pain is currently affecting numerous stressed individuals in and out of the workplace.

Carpel Tunnel pain is a progressive and a painful condition which is caused due to increased pressure on the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the palm of the hand. The Carpel Tunnel, which is positioned at the base of the hand, is a pathway of ligaments and bones that have nerves and tendons. When these tendons turn thick and begin getting irritated, swelling causes the median nerve to become compressed, leading is discomfort and aches.

There are several non-medical treatments which can be used to benefit individuals while dealing with Carpel Tunnel pain. While surgery is an option, there are various simple treatments that can alleviate the pain, one of them being the treatment with hot and cold Therapy.

Making use of the Hot and Cold therapy can definitely help to manage the Carpel Tunnel pain and can benefit even in cases of normal wrist pain. You can make use of heating pads and ice packs for pain relief. Icing the wrist puts ease on the pain and helps relieve pain in a short period of time. You are just required to hold the pack on the palm side of the hand for nearly 20 minutes and that does it. But make sure to use a towel or a soft cloth to protect the skin.

Heating pads are ideal for providing relief to the stiff joints and muscles. They enhance blood circulation, helping deliver essential nutrients to the joints and muscles. Cold pads are ideal for acute pain which restricts blood vessels, slowing down the circulation and reducing the swelling. They also help to numb the nerve endings to diminish the pain. Hot and cold packs can be used for numerous sports injuries, swelling, muscle pains, body aches, joint pain relief, and many other issues.

Treating Carpal Tunnel Pain With Hot And Cold Therapy

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