How to Use Hot or Cold Packs After Inflammation Injuries

How to Use Hot or Cold Packs After Inflammation Injuries

How to Use Hot or Cold Packs After Inflammation Injuries

Inflammation injuries are a common affliction for any person suffering from muscular aches and pains. The best way to get rid of such inflammation injuries is to use a hot or a cold pack. However, there is a real confusion regarding which pack to use when and for what injury, since there are some who recommend the usage of a hot pack while others root for the cold pack.

It is important that this question is correctly answered since different injuries require different treatments – like generally, ice packs are primarily used in acute sports injuries while hot packs are used in cases when a person has muscular stiffness like a sore back.

To remove this confusion, we are going to be tackling the problem of how to use hot or cold packs to relieve pain caused by inflammation injuries.

When to use Hot Packs?

Hot packs, or heat therapy, as it is also commonly known, helps in healing and regeneration of damaged tissues. A hot pack essentially dilates your blood vessels and increases the flow of blood with oxygen and basic nutrients to the injured area. It can be used if you have stressed muscles, tendons, etc.

When to use Cold Packs?

Cold packs are usually used in cases where parts of the body are swollen because of inflammatory injuries. In cold therapy, blood vessels constrict the flow of blood so that the swelling and inflammation to the injured area can be reduced. This makes the healing process faster. Cold packs also provide a temporary and soothing relief by reducing the nerve activity.

Important points to keep in mind when deciding your pack:

Now that we know what exactly happens when you use a hot pack and a cold pack, given below are some key points to keep in mind while deciding how to use your hot or cold pack and when:

  1. Determine the nature of your injury. This is very important that you know if the injury that you are suffering from is chronic, recovering or acute.
  2. Limit your usage to the afflicted area, and on the basis of the abovementioned criterions determine whether your injury requires hot therapy or cold therapy.
  3. Lastly, be mindful of the usage and requirements that both hot and cold pack serve.

How to Use Hot or Cold Packs After Inflammation Injuries

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