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Getting deep quality sleep is imperative for your mental and physical well-being. Medical research proves that it is not just the recommended sleep hours that you should get for a healthy life, but the quality of your sleep also matters a lot. Insufficient and interrupted sleep for long can result in insomnia, muscle pain and body imbalance. It has also been found to result in numerous psychological and mental challenges.

If you face the issue of night sweats or overheating while sleeping (which most of the people do face), you are bound to get up in the middle of the night quite often. Some face this issue to an extreme level where they wake up with clothes soaked in sweat. This is where cooling memory foam pillows can help.

Cooling down alternative pillows (like Beckham Hotel Collection's) keep the body temperature down during the summers and are as effective in the winters when you turn on your room heating system. The pillow acts as a heat exchanger, absorbing your body heat and giving off a cool feeling so that you don’t end up sweating. They are also good for body alignment; their special material and construction keeps your neck and spinal cord in perfect alignment thus providing you with comfort and body balance. These special pillows do not get out of shape easily which means you won't find yourself tossing and turning in your bed in order to get quality sleep.

How to Choose a Cooling Bed Pillow?

You can select from the countless options in the market but before you do, consider the below mentioned factors. These would help you choose the best cooling bed pillow.


The pillow should be constructed in a way that keeps your neck, spine and head aligned in a straight line. For side sleepers the loft should be higher, medium loft is recommended for back sleepers whereas stomach sleepers should get a pillow with a very low loft.


The fill is the material with which the pillow has been filled; it defines the airflow through the pillow. Cooling memory foam pillows are made from polyurethane & temperature regulating fibers. They can change shape under pressure, but return to their original shape when the pressure is gone.


A pillow is of no worth if it does not have the ability to support your neck and head. Your pillow should not sag under the weight of your head because this will result in straining your neck. So, take into consideration the firmness of a pillow before buying it.


Although this is more a matter of personal choice, ideally speaking side sleepers should use a pillow with flared ends so that there is more room for shoulders. Those of you who are in the habit of lying straight on their backs should opt for a cervical pillow which has a raised neck area to offer more support.

Quality Materials

The higher the quality of the construction material, the more durable, reliable and comfortable your cool bed pillow will be. You may want to check for quality indicators such as brand repute, foam density, after sales service and certifications.


Pillows should not be that hard that they end up creating discomfort. They should not be too soft either as then they would not be able to retain their shape after you have grabbed and squeezed them.

Temperature Regulation

This is the basic purpose of a cooling bed pillow. Ventilated holes, breathable covers, and construction material will all govern the amount of airflow and therefore define how much heat is retained. Some pillows come with temperature regulating fibers on one side while others have it on both sides. Also remember to check that the pillow cover has been constructed from a breathable material.

Why is Cleaning Important?

Cleaning your cooling bed pillow is as important as cleaning your bedding and clothing. Unclean, dirty and dusty pillows will end up giving you a number of diseases. From simple sneezing to affecting your lungs, sleeping on dirty pillows can create numerous health issues for you and your family members. Take the cool bed pillow as a good investment that you need to protect as long as you can. Pillows like other bedding material gather dust and airborne particles over time. The more time they spend without getting cleaned, the higher this accumulation will be. Cleaning them regularly and maintaining them properly will not only protect you from diseases but also increase the lifespan of your cooling pillow.

Here is the step by step guide on how to wash cooling bed pillow:

Step 1: Remove the Pillowcase

Before you begin cleaning your pillow, remove it from its pillowcase. You can read the instructions on the pillowcase tag to wash it properly. Some of them can be machine washed while those stitched from special materials require manual washing.

Step 2: Fill up Your Bathtub

Fill your bathtub with Lukewarm water, also add a mild detergent powder or liquid detergent and make a bubbly soapy solution. If your pillow has not been washed for long and has developed an unpleasant odor, you can add one to two tablespoons of vinegar to the soap water. Make sure that you use white vinegar.

Step 3: Give Your Pillow a Bath

Place your cool bed pillow in the bathtub and, using your hands squeeze it a couple of times under the surface of the soapy water solution you prepared in step 2. Let the water seep in. After repeating this process remove the soapy water.

Step 4: Rinse Thoroughly with Clean Water

In order to make sure all soap has been removed from your cooling bed pillow, keep it under the water tap and let it run all over your pillow. Keep squeezing your pillow all this time so that it is free from all soap. This will also result in better cleaning. However, make sure that you do not squeeze your pillow too hard. Be gentle.

Step 5: Dry Your Cool Bed Pillow

Although you can use a dryer to dry your pillow, the best way would be to let it dry naturally as this would not cause any damage to the material of your pillow. Just keep it on your rooftop directly under the sun or in your backyard. A sunny day will help finish the drying process in just a couple of hours. If you expect rain, you can dry the pillow under a ceiling fan till all the moisture has evaporated.

Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

  • Do not keep your pillow unwashed for long. Make sure you wash it at least once a month.
  • Always use a good pillowcase. It will protect your cooling pillow and increase its life.
  • Do not machine wash your cool bed pillow as most of them have been constructed from memory foam.
  • While cleaning use gentle detergents.
  • Know when it is time to replace your pillow.

Since we have you walked around the tips on how to wash a cool bed pillow, it would be unfair if we do not recommend the most comfortable pillow you will ever experience. We are proud to mention here that Beckham Hotel Collection is providing the best cooling pillow in the market.

Get a cool bed pillow yourself and all your experience will only be comfort.

Happy Comfort!!