Why Hotel Pillows Are Sooo Comfortable: What kind do they use?

Why Hotel Pillows Are Sooo Comfortable: What kind do they use? - Nestopia
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You are on a weekend vacation and book a stay at a hotel. The food is good and amenities excellent. After a tiresome day, you retreat to your room, hit the shower, and head straight to bed. As your head rests on the comfy pillow, you soon fall asleep.

In the morning, you wake up and wonder, what kinds of pillows do hotels use? You have never slept on such a pillow before. The experience was heavenly, and the hotel pillow felt so comfortable. During checkout, you vow to return to that hotel soon or find a similar one in your next vacation.

Why hotel pillows are so comfortable

What kinds of pillows do hotels use? Overall, hotel pillows are very comfy. Do you ever wonder how come you've never sought them out for your home? Before delving into the kinds, we first discover why hotels have such comfortable pillows.

Pillow material

Hotels opt for pillows stuffed with down and feather. These two materials, once fully stuffed, create a fluffy pillow for a comfortable sleep. Guests that enjoy a luxurious experience always come to the same hotel whenever they are in the vicinity. Besides, such clients leave positive reviews on the hotel's website leading to high ratings.

Regular changing of pillows

Pillows require replacement every two to three years. In your case, perhaps you have not had a pillow change in a long time. On the contrary, hotels often replace pillows in keeping with specific standards.

Pillow varieties

Back at home, you buy pillows according to your preference. You may have a firm pillow while someone else prefers a soft one. For hotels, their circumstances are different since they must host guests with diverse likes and dislikes. A hotel room offers different pillow types giving you leeway to choose what you like.

How do hotels clean/wash their pillows?

Hospitality industry standards offer specific guidelines on the cleaning of guest rooms. Pillow laundering takes place on a cyclical basis. Hotels are at liberty to adopt a monthly, quarterly, or biannual cleaning cycle.

What kinds of pillows do hotels use?

Hotels use three major pillow types listed below:

  • Down pillows: comprise tiny fine goose or duck feathers
  • Down alternative pillows: a variety of fill materials, mainly polyester, tweed, and cotton
  • Euro pillows: you can identify these pillows by their square shape.

Can I take the hotel pillows home?

Different hotel chains offer them for sale if you love pillows you have slept on. From Marriot Hotels, you can buy a down alternative stuffed with soft polyester puff balls manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.

Sheraton sells down alternative, down and feather, and down variants. Their feather and down has medium firmness and is an excellent choice for people that sleep on their side, back, or stomach.

Ritz-Carlton offers a down pillow with medium firmness and 100% cotton cover. The hotel also has an eco-friendly down alternative pillow with polyester filling and the signature Ritz-Carlton hybrid.

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How can I keep my pillow soft and fluffy like the hotel?

Clean/wash your pillows regularly

Regular washing of pillows helps remove saliva, sweat, skin, and hair particles. An accumulation of these elements renders a pillow uncomfortable. Cleaning pillows is a task that requires a washing machine. To proceed, remove the cover and place the pillow in the machine. Check on the pillow for washing instructions and if there is none, visit the online product page.

Fluff your pillows before sleep

Except for memory foam, other pillow types get lumpy with prolonged use. Fluffing restores a pillow's comfort and only involves pulling and squeezing it. You can also hit it slightly. Tapping also helps but with moderate force.

Change your pillow cases frequently

A change of pillow cases results in a fresh scent, especially if accompanied by a change in bed linen. Technically, the pillow material remains the same, but you get a fresh feeling. You can shoot for a weekly or fortnight schedule, but each time you have a new set of pillowcases and linen, the bed and pillow become more inviting.

Are hotel pillows right for me?

While choosing a hotel pillow for your bed, you should consider your sleeping style, softness, and firmness preference, among other factors. Down pillows are an excellent choice for back, side, and stomach sleepers.

Closing thoughts

Now that you know why hotel pillows are so comfortable, similarly, transform your bed.

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